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California Baby takes part in children 's special needs

Since 1995, California Baby producing the most gentle, soft and most effective skin care products for children. California Baby helps ensure the purity of its products by actually producing them. Complete control of the entire process ensures that each California Baby contains environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic ingredients. Parents can feel confident using California Baby for their children.

Pure Ingredients Are Mandatory in California Baby

The new, young skin is likely to be irritated, California Baby uses allergen-free ingredients. Whether the product is a skin cream, lotion, body wash or insect repellent, gluten-free, soy-free, BPA and vegetarian ingredients, can help keep babies skin clean and healthy. California Baby does not use artificial flavors. California Baby uses only fresh, pure flavors of Mother Nature 's essential oils for its compositions.

California Baby is not just for kids!

What's the best way to have a baby in the world by using these clean, gentle products from California Baby? However, California Baby can be successfully used by every family member — anyone who wants or needs the care that California Baby provides. California Baby also helps inform consumers about the value of natural and organic products by supporting the work of the Natural Products Advisory Board. The Nature Advisory Council helps spread a good word about products sourced from natural sources.

You can buy California Baby's products in our store with fast and cheap delivery.

California Baby Super Sensitive Certified Organic Body Oil is perfect for locking in the skin?s na..


This multi-award-winning cream is super-soothing, non-greasy and features a light scent from laven..


California Baby Calming Lotion, 6.5 oz California Baby Calming Lotion, 6.5 oz

£7.00 £6.65

6.5 oz / 195 ml bottle with pump. Safe for newborns and older. Scented with our special Calming ar..

£7.00 £6.65

Start baby off right! This set is perfect for use on baby's delicate skin and contains everything ..


California Baby Calming Shampoo & Bodywash gently and effectively cleans hair, body and face u..


Our non-chemical PABA free sunscreen employs a highly micronized titanium dioxide (non- whitening)..


California Baby® Light & Happy™ Bubble Bath Fruity Scent. Light & Happy™ fruity scent ..


Being a Mommy or Daddy is hard work and sometimes they become 'Overtired & Cranky.' California..


California Baby® Party™ Bubble Bath Aromatherapy. For babies, kids and sensitive adults. Made ..


California Baby Starter Tote, 10 Ct California Baby Starter Tote, 10 Ct

£30.39 £27.35

Start baby off right! This set is perfect for use on baby's delicate skin and contains everything ..

£30.39 £27.35

Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30+ Uses: • Helps prevent sunburn Drug Facts Active ingredient - Pu..


Age: 6 months and olderFor Use: For hair and body. Leave in or rinse outScent: Beautiful aromather..